Drive to the point of compulsion can be seen by some as a deficit or weakness.

As a Neurodiverse individual, I am driven to complete tasks (goals) and the completion (success!*) of the goal is paramount. I am not sure why I “need” to complete a task when started, but this compulsion gives me a powerful mental drive to learn whatever is needed to achieve a goal.

*The goals are not always productive but the process of achieving the result to the point of completion, is assisted by having single minded focus to attain a result, and not give up.

Of course the advantage of this is many Neurotypical people fail because they do not start a task, but rather procrastinate or are unable to make the initial task process decisions. Once one has begun a task it is not a linear process, and the ability to modify or ‘change one’s direction’ within a task is driven by the information (data or numbers if you will) which tells the story.

I am an active Scuba and Freediver – in the case of Scuba, I am a qualified instructor, and am qualified as a Technical diver, rather than just a ‘recreational’ diver.

Both free diving & long distance running are goal oriented sports where many difficulties arise as the performance progresses but the conscious desire to succeed is very powerful, so powerful that, I can control my breathing to create a consciously driven blackout situation, to achieve a ‘freediving goal’ despite many physical distractions trying to stop the attainment of such a single minded goal. As you can imagine, I am an extremely passionate Freediver!

Mark Quinn-Newall