A breath of air — nothing more, nothing less

A STATEMENT ON FRED BUYLE’S WEBSITE briefly explains his approach to underwater photography: “To take his pictures and videos, Fred uses a simple formula: the water, available light, a camera, and one breath of air, nothing more, nothing less.” I would add to that list an extraordinary eye for composition and a passion for placing himself wherever the photo opportunities are. The images in his portfolio represent decades of travel to exotic destinations far from his home in the Azores. He has tolerated fewer overweight baggage fees than other photographers might, for his life and aesthetic are remarkably minimalistic for a man of such accomplishment.

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I was fortunate enough to meet Fred in 2012 in Brussels, and to be guided by him on my freedives at Nemo 33, Europe’s deepest indoor dive pool at the time. Having been a fan of Fred’s work since that time, we licenced a number of underwater images for this site, and the Neurotribes Holdings website, you can learn more here.

Fred’s book also appears on my ‘reading’ list –  a number of friends have been lucky enough to receive a copy as a gift over time.