Whether it be a late in life diagnosis (like my own), or much earlier in life, for the young generation, as it was for Ellie Middleton, the impact of this moment cannot be understated.

Ellie Middleton


Hear Ellie Middleton talk about her “paradigm shift” when she was diagnosed with autism & ADHD and her worldview changed.

Getting an autism diagnosis, whether early or late in life, often provides a sense of understanding for those with autism.

As Ellie says,“I went from not understanding the world and not knowing why I didn’t fit in, and always questioning why I was too much, and not knowing why the people around me didn’t like me, and not knowing why some things – like brushing my teeth and maintaining friendships – felt so hard. But some things like problem solving and maths felt so much easier for me than anyone around me…to being able to see it through a different lens, through the lens of knowing that I was a neurodivergent person, and finally making sense of the world around me.”

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