A door slightly ajar, with some light seeping into the dark room

I disagree with much of David Brooks ‘thoughts and observations and conclusions’, but this piece from the NYT on The Power of Art In A Political Age resonated with me.

As a neurodivergent person, I often wonder what neurotypicals ‘see’ in the world, especially in world of “Arts”.



Very occasionally, I observe something that can be called “art” by society and I have a tiny revelation of what others might be observing. Like being in a very dark room, the door is cracked ajar and a minor shaft of light penetrates the darkness.

I’m not sure if this is common to all neurodivergent observers, or if this is unique to my own observations of a incomprehensible world surrounding me.

I first self-consciously realized this feeling at Net-a-Porter when I was looking at a ‘fashion’ image and understood a very small fraction of the overall “creative process”.

It is very difficult to predict when such openings of the door (maybe it’s a window, rather than a door opening) to the impenetrable dark room will be visible.