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Mark Quinn-Newall

Mark Quinn-NewallMark Quinn-Newall

Net-A-Porter Co-Founder

Over the last twenty years, Mark has been focused on helping business leaders operationalize great ideas. He does this through direct VC investment, hands on management and consultancy services.

Mark was diagnosed in 2015 as being on the Autism spectrum, and identifies as neurodiverse.

Co-founding Net-A-Porter

In the late 1990s, he was asked to review a business plan for a fashion e-commerce business. He helped develop the plan, business model and ultimately found the business in 1999 – Net-A-Porter was born. In addition to being a founder of Net-A-Porter, he was Chief Operating Officer for four and a half years.

At Net-A-Porter, he was integral to the running of the business and reporting to shareholders. Among other things he implemented their global fulfilment system and oversaw the development and functionality of the website and ongoing systems development. Following his departure, Mark retained a significant stake in Net-A-Porter and remained an investor until 2015.

From 2005 – 2009 Mark worked with Carmen Busquets at CoutureLab, a luxury e-commerce incubator.

Becoming Cult Beauty Chairman

In 2011 he was introduced to Cult Beauty as an angel investor, since then he has been integral to the business’s growth as its largest investor, and ultimately as Chairman (2014-18). He has worked closely with its founders and other board members and investors, particularly Jessica DeLuca and partner preference shareholders Manzanita Capital and Carmen Busquets.

At Cult Beauty, Mark has not only been the largest investor, he has also brought his operational expertise to bear, particularly within e-commerce strategy, IT guidance, and development of online pure play marketing strategies. He has worked to mentor the company’s executive teams to meet the needs of a rapidly growing consumer goods e-commerce business.

Until 2012 he was a committed and repeat investor in Cult Beauty, providing investment and mentoring to management. He joined the Board in June 2012, and then in 2014 Mark was appointed Chairman of Cult Beauty, taking a more hands-on role with management and operations – guiding the company to its triple digit growth period, to achieve the successful business it became. He then went on in 2020-2021 as Chairman of the Exit committee to oversee the sale of the company to THG (The Hut Group) for £275m in August, 2021, creating in the process 29 new millionaires.

Mark’s passions

As an autodidactic, Mark dives deep into his investing, mentoring and philanthropy, and is passionate about his Scuba and Free diver – holding recreational, technical and instructor qualifications in the sport.


“Mark was generous with his time, and his experience, and his trust.  It took me a while to be qualified for the role he had asked me to do, but he trusted that we would get there together, and trusted that I would seek his advice when I needed to, which resulted in a highly satisfying project.”

“I admire his sense of honour and integrity, insight, wide ranging knowledge, and above all his insightful sense of humour.”

“I had the pleasure of working exceptionally closely with Mark over an extended and stressful period.   I saw Mark to excel in three disciplines:   intelligence, professionalism, and integrity.”

“Mark does not seek the spotlight or fame.   He believes success is based on teamwork and goes out of his way to highlight others contributions over his own”

“He took a chance on me. That company went on to great things and gave me the professional start many can only dream of.”

“He maintains a set of values anchored in integrity, honesty and fairness.   Respect for others is core to Mark as a person as he is constantly praising and rewarding those around him.”

“I have throughout my time working with him found him both generous of spirit and enjoyable company.”

“Mark accepts mistakes are made with good intentions, and with good intentions, Mark will also make mistakes.”

“Mark may be the sheer smartest person I’ve ever worked with. A rare find, Mark was innately curious.  Always eager to learn and strive for excellence.”